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Puffy Japan Concert Reviews

I thought  you guys would like my reviews of two of the Puffy shows in Japan. These are excerpts from my journal entries. You can read the full entries over at my journal.

December 14- Club Diamond Hall, Nagoya, Japan

After I checked into my hotel, I wandered around a bit more. I ate some onigiri at 7-11 for supper. Then I found my way to the Club Diamond Hall at the Flex building which wasn't too far from my hotel. I was going there for my first Puffy Amiyumi concert!

I've been a fan of Puffy Amiyumi since the summer of 2002 when they appeared on Much Music Intimate and Interactive I think. It was a two part interview. The only Canadian city they ever went to was Vancouver. They may have possibly went to Victoria. I always pictured myself going to one of their concerts in LA or San Diego. I never thought I would see them in Japan!

Club Diamond Hall was a much smaller venue than I expected. About 300 people attended the show. I was expecting to go to a huge concert hall with thousands of fans. Before the show, we had to opportunity to buy some merchandise. I picked up a face towel, a t-shirt, some key covers and pins.

Like always, each ticket will have a seat number. But in this case, this was a standing live, so there are no seats. Prior to being let in, a worker shouted out the numbers, so when your number is called, that is the time that you go.

For the concert, I managed to get third from the front! The view was amazing. Both Ami and Yumi saw me, and sort of looked at me funny. I was the only foreigner in the audience, so it was quite the experience. It was crowded, but it wasn't too bad. But when the show started, everyone started pushing from behind and it got hot very very quickly. Soon, I found that people were pushing me further and further back, where it got to the point that I couldn't stand it anymore and went to the back where there were less people. Even from the back, the view was great because it was a smaller venue. On the way back, I found a key on the floor, so I turned it into the bartender. I got some pepsi and a bento box because I was so hungry that my stomach was hurting badly.

At the beginning of the show, all the fans were shouting GANBARE* and OKAIRI* I shouted JAPAN IS COOL! in Japanese, and everyone looked at me funny. Well, I wanted Puffy's attention xD Later in the show, the girls discussed their tours in Canada and the United States.

***Ganbare roughly means good luck or do your best. Okairi roughly means welcome home.

The songs at the show included the newest single, Oriental Diamond, Tokyo I'm on My Way, Into the Beach, Teen Titans theme, Hi Hi Puffy Amiyumi theme, a cover of Basket Case, Mole-Like, Red Swing, Invisible Tomorrow, Wild Girls on Circuit, Asia No Junshin, and a few other songs that I didn't hear before. More than likely the songs I didn't recognize were from the new album they were promoting, Honeycreeper.

After the show, we had the opportunity to buy CD's. I bought Splurge, Hit and Fun and Honeycreeper. For each of the CD's I bought, I got a free autograph. I didn't think much of it at the time, because I just thought that they were mass produced. But when I looked at them closer later, I saw that each of them was different. A guy I met there was really nice. I forgot his name, but he translated things for me when I didn't understand. It turned out that he had just come to Japan after having spent four years in London, England studying English.

Some girls approached me later and thanked me over and over for turning in their key. I was slightly amused by it because I was the only foreigner there, and that I turned in the key because it was the right thing to do.

After everyone was asked to leave, the friend I made walked me to my hotel. On the way, we talked about the Puffy concert and our experiences- his in London, and mine in Japan. It turned out he grew up in Nagoya, and it's changed a lot in the four years that he was gone. It was neat to learn from him that Toyota is based out of Nagoya.

December 19-Shibuya AX, Tokyo, Japan

We were later getting back than we intended, and I ended up being late for the Puffy concert at Shibuya AX that night. I got lost in Harajuku and I had a really hard time finding the place. The show had already started and I was nearly in tears because I spent so much money on the tickets to the show. I kept asking around trying to find it, and no one seemed to know. Eventually, I found a group of young people who were willing to help. They didn't know immediately where it was, but they tracked it with a gprs map on their cell phones and got me the directions right away. They even went as far as walking me there. I was so greatful, I thanked them over and over again.

The Shibuya AX theater was a lot smaller than Club Diamond Hall in Nagoya. The venue was a bit bigger, and probably held about 500 people or so. So, when I actually got into the show, the place was just packed. The theater was filled right to the doors, and the staff could barely keep them closed. The view was better than most concert halls in Canada, but the experience was definitely not as good as the show in Nagoya.

The set list was the same as the show in Nagoya, and if I recall correctly, the same songs were played in the same order. So, I wasn't so upset over the situation after that. Like the show in Nagoya, Puffy wished the fans a Merry Christmas and talked about their tours in Canada and the United States. During both shows, they were promoting another single, but I didn't catch the name of it. The previous single was Oriental Diamond. The video was very retro and fun. The girls were cute as kids. During many of the songs Puffy performed, they showed the music videos to go along with them.

After the show, I bought some of the CD singles I didn't have. Usually, I'm not one to buy CD singles if the tracks on the CD single are available on a full length album. Like last time, autographs were handed out for buying the CDs. But they seemed to be running out, because they were only handing out one autograph per person. I was really pissed off over the way I was treated when I was buying the CDs this time. After I bought them, the person working my side of the booth didn't give me an autograph. I stood there waiting for an apology, and I wanted to see if she would hand them to the Japanese fans. The apology never came, and she gladly handed an autograph to a Japanese fan who bought some CDs. At that point, I sternly asked for the autograph, and it was only at that point that she gave me one.

I pushed my way past the crowds, and went to the booth representing the venue itself, where I bought a lanyard and two hand towels. After the show, lots of people were hanging around for something. I didn't care to ask, and I took the train back to Jill's house.
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