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PUFFY @ Slim's in San Francisco

PUFFY was live at Slim's in San Francisco tonight. Doors were at 7pm. Show was at 8pm. A Modern Machine was the opening act.
Ami & Yumi hit the stage at around 9pm.
The crowd tonight was mostly late teens and twenty somethings with some thirtysomethings and a few even older. Much fewer Cartoon Network kids than their 2005 show.

They did about three songs to start. They paused to talk to the audience for a bit with the help of note pads. Then they introduced a new song from their new album Honeycreeper.
After that song was Joining A Fan Club followed by the Teen Titans theme in English. They paused again to talk some more about returning to San Francisco. The city has a lot of good restaurants. They had dimsum a.k.a. yumcha or 'yamucha' in Japanese. They sang a little jingle from a Japanese dimsum commercial and laughed.
Next song was Mogura-like and two other songs I don't quite remember (sorry). Mogura-like was done with some of the crew wearing shades and hardhats, doing the dance from the video.
They paused to talk a bit more. THey got English notes mixed up and Yumi made a joking comment in Japanese about how Ami wasn't genki. They said that their new album Honeycreeper was out in Japan already but not in the U.S. However, they were selling the Japanese version for $25. That's a pretty good price since you're not paying for import markup. Also, the first 60 people to buy an album that night would get a pre-signed autograph board (I did).
They did another new Honeycreeper song followed by PUFFY Is A Monster and introduced the band.
They stopped to talk some more and introduce the band again with more depth.
On guitar: Shigewo.
On keyboards: Shunsuke.
On drums: Jet. He's the oldest dude in the band.
On guitar: Angus a.k.a. Goro. He's older than Ami and Yumi.
On Bass: Max a.k.a. Eringe (?).
Then they did Oriental Diamond follwed by their cover of the Green Day song Basketcase. There were two more songs after that. One of which was the original Japanese version of Planet Tokyo (Akai Buranko).
Next up was the them from the HiHi Puffy Ami Yumi Show.
Then the guitarist Angus put on a creepy lookng Panda hat with sad eyes before they performed Asia no Junshin.
They left the stage so they could come back and do one more song for an "encore".
Lots of Japanese people in the audience. You know it when the calls for an encore are "an co ru!"
I thought the concert was fun, though I wish they would have done one of their other songs like their cover of Owaranai Uta or maybe Hataraki Otoko.
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